Zanths Shop Owls Head – Player Vendor

A player vendor on a village lot, owned by Derium has the following for sale on 31st January 2018. Located in Owls Head.


Belt of the Patient Harvester 2
Brown Cap Mushroom [50] 2.5 900
Carpentry Hammer with True Bronze Engravings 0.5 2,000
Clan ofthe Wolf Leggings 2
Clan ofthe Wolf Leggings 2
Copper Epic Plate Boots +8
Copper Epic Plate ChestArmor +8
Copper Epic Plate ChestArmor of Sorcery,Warding 10
Copper Epic Plate Leggings +7
Eternal Pattern: Virtue Aeronaut Boots
Eternal Pattern: Virtue Aeronaut Gloves
Fishing Rod with True Bronze Engravings +1
Graff Gem Mines to Spindrift Passage Key
Granite Block [1,000]
Grey Pine Long Bow of Gaiaism +10 3 30,000
Harvesting Axe with True Bronze Engravings +1
Iron Epic Plate Boots +4
Iron Epic Plate Boots +8
lron Epic Plate ChestArmor +8

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