Sales in Resolute, Etceter and Central Britannia

Date of sales from March 1st to April 3rd 2017

ItemNumber of itemsSale amountLocationDate
Gold ore1005500Resolute14th March
Bear hat +612500Resolute14th March
Iron ore1004000Resolute14th march
Iron ore1004000Resolute14th march
Epic cloth leg armor +41550Resolute15th March
Potion of Might1150Resolute15th March
Potion of Might1100Resolute15th march
Beetle carapace104100Resolute16th March
Silver ore603500Resolute16th March
Gold ore20011000Resolute16th March
Beetle carapace104100Resolute16th March
Gold ore1005500Resolute16th March
Silver ore1006000Resolute16th March
Bear hat +21250Resolute17th March
Bear hat +31400Resolute17th March
Epic lather gloves +11250Resolute17th March
Iron ore993960Resolute17th March
Epic Leather chest armor1680CB18th March
Iron ore1004000Etceter19th March
Copper ore13600Resolute19th March
Nickel501500Resolute19th March
Copper two handed sword +313800Resolute19th March
Wolf hat +31390Resolute20th March
Iron ore1074200Resolute2oth March
Wall torch1350Resolute21st march
Iron ore401600Resolute21st March
bear hat +512800Etceter21st march
Epic leather chest armor +211200CB22nd march
Bear hat +11190Resolute
Silver ore3180Resolute
Fortified cloth chest armor + 211400CB
Gold ore492940Resolute
Bear steak and potatoes1300CB24th March
Cotton cloth gloves +21860CB24th March
Cotton epic cloth boots +21650CB24th March
Iron Longsword +212200CB24th March
Copper ore1004000Resolute26th March
Gold crown12800Resolute26th march
Epic leather boots +21350Resolute27th March
Gold ore10600Resolute28the March
Maple wood1004500Resolute28th March
Cotton Long kilt1400Etceter31st March
Cotton Fortified Cloth Gloves +11350Etceter
Maple Wood1004500Resolute3rd April
Gold ore633780Resolute3rd April

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