How to buy a house in Shroud of the Avatar for free

It’s a lot more fun owning property in Shroud of the avatar, although you still need to pay property taxes.

You can pay real money to get a little place of your own or you can take a cash free route.

This text was provided by Bayard, which are thankful for that they allowed us to post here.

Q. I purchased game access. Do I have to spend more money to get a house?
A. No. Owning your own home is one of SotA’s most interesting and fun activities and is possible without spending more money after your game access purchase. The first step in the process is having enough in-game currency to purchase a lot deed. There are many ways to earn gold to buy Crowns of the Obsidians (COTOs) which can be used to purchase taxed Player Owned Town (POT) lot deeds. As of this writing, a taxed POT row deed sells for 85 COTOs from Crown Merchants found in many of the larger game towns like Ardoris.

Q. How do I earn gold to buy COTOs?
A. There are several ways to earn gold to buy COTOs:
– You can kill mobs, get a small amount of gold and then sell the looted weapons, armor and potions
– You can visit the Oracle each day and get 500 GP by answering the question accurately
– You can gather resources. There are mines suitable for newer arrivals and you can sell the ore to NPC vendors or other players (Player vendors pay MUCH more. Find player vendors with items they will buy in their Sell tab).
– Do quests. Many quests give hundreds of gold as rewards which can add up.

Q. How long will it take to get enough COTOs to buy my lot deed?
A. That depends on how much time you want to devote to your goal. As a very conservative example, I went to the South Celestial Wetlands, a Tier Two zone but not too difficult if you are patient and heal between fights. I made one pass through the two bandit camps, killed and looted everything I could, mined 7 pieces of ore and then left. My haul was 394 looted gold, 355 in sold loot and 280 from selling ore to a player vendor at 40 each for a total of 1,029 gold on a single run through the two bandit camps. You can probably do the camps three or four times in an hour and mining the ore should give you about 4,000+ gold per hour. At that rate, and as a worst-case scenario, it would take you about 78 hours if you only did the above. The reality is that it won’t take you that long since you will progress in levels and kill faster. You may also get lucky and get rare resources to sell, like Beetle Carapaces from cotton plants, at 400+ gold each!
Hint – I sold the above weapons in the Outlander Welcome Center. Instead, go next door to Soltown where Annika will give you 20% more for your weapons.
Hint II – If you want to mine, the Whiteguard Foothills contains the Lost Whiteguard Silver Mine. It is riskier than the South Celestial Wetlands but there are many ore nodes and lots of enemies to fight and loot. You should be able to sell the ore for many thousands of gold per hour if you can handle the mobs that spawn.

Q. Can I buy deeds and homes with gold?
A. Yes, many player vendors offer lot deeds for gold. Shop around and compare with the COTO merchants. One advantage from buying from a player vendor is they may offer Place Anywhere Deeds which will enable you to claim a lot in any town in the game that has an open lot. However, they are very expensive.

Q. I bought my taxed POT row lot deed! Now what?
A. Go to a POT and use the Crier to find an open row lot. Go to that lot and it should say, “For Rent” in runic. If the lot is restricted, you’ll have to contact the POT governor for permission to place your lot. If the governor has no restrictions on the lot, you can claim it using your lot deed from your inventory. If a row lot, it automatically comes with a row home. Welcome Home!!

Q. How can I afford my 500 gold per day tax!
A. Earn it by adventuring and/or visiting the Oracle every day and answering accurately to get 500 gold. Don’t forget to pay your taxes or your lot and possessions will go to the bank and you’ll have to redecorate your home after you reclaim another lot.

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