Brittany Alleys Player Vendor: LoT General Store Jan

A player vendor on a row lot, owned by Dhanas Moonwhisper has the following for sale on 24th January 2018. Located on Brittany Alleys.

Brittany Alleys

Maple wood
Gold ingot
Meteoric Iron Ingot
Pine wood
Silver Ingot
Wood Scrap
Bear carcass
Ancient Essence
Ancient Two-Handed Sword
Cabalist Corpus Hood
Dragon Head
Druid Tree (Town Home)
Eleven Bow String
Flute of Defiance
Galas Heart
Gold Ingot
Gold ore
Lavallier of the Lagomorph
Maple Wood
Meteoric Iron Ingot
Obsidian Bear Carcass
Obsidian chip
Obsidian potion of precision
Pine resin
Recall scroll
Recipe: Bronze Binding
Recipe: Bronze Hilt

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