Sales in Resolute, Etceter and Central Britannia

Date of sales from March 1st to April 3rd 2017

ItemNumber of itemsSale amountLocationDate
Gold ore1005500Resolute14th March
Bear hat +612500Resolute14th March
Iron ore1004000Resolute14th march
Iron ore1004000Resolute14th march
Epic cloth leg armor +41550Resolute15th March
Potion of Might1150Resolute15th March
Potion of Might1100Resolute15th march
Beetle carapace104100Resolute16th March
Silver ore603500Resolute16th March
Gold ore20011000Resolute16th March
Beetle carapace104100Resolute16th March
Gold ore1005500Resolute16th March
Silver ore1006000Resolute16th March
Bear hat +21250Resolute17th March
Bear hat +31400Resolute17th March
Epic lather gloves +11250Resolute17th March
Iron ore993960Resolute17th March
Epic Leather chest armor1680CB18th March
Iron ore1004000Etceter19th March
Copper ore13600Resolute19th March
Nickel501500Resolute19th March
Copper two handed sword +313800Resolute19th March
Wolf hat +31390Resolute20th March
Iron ore1074200Resolute2oth March
Wall torch1350Resolute21st march
Iron ore401600Resolute21st March
bear hat +512800Etceter21st march
Epic leather chest armor +211200CB22nd march
Bear hat +11190Resolute
Silver ore3180Resolute
Fortified cloth chest armor + 211400CB
Gold ore492940Resolute
Bear steak and potatoes1300CB24th March
Cotton cloth gloves +21860CB24th March
Cotton epic cloth boots +21650CB24th March
Iron Longsword +212200CB24th March
Copper ore1004000Resolute26th March
Gold crown12800Resolute26th march
Epic leather boots +21350Resolute27th March
Gold ore10600Resolute28the March
Maple wood1004500Resolute28th March
Cotton Long kilt1400Etceter31st March
Cotton Fortified Cloth Gloves +11350Etceter
Maple Wood1004500Resolute3rd April
Gold ore633780Resolute3rd April

Real sales data from Shroud of the Avatar vendors

This table represents sales data from 3 vendors in Central Brittany, Resolute and Etceter from December 2016 onward.
Ores are referenced at the price they sold it, you can then extrapolate the amount of ores from the sales price.
Dates are listed, where there is no date it will be the last referenced.
The prices here are not the prices that items are, they are simply what that item sold for at that particular time. It is not intended to be a definitive list of what the price of items should be, it is merely to give you more information about your own pricing.

Nickel @60C Britanny12014th Nov
Pristine croc headC Britanny230
Dark blue dyeC Britanny400
Recall scrollOwls Head179
Health potionC Britanny90
Cotton epic feet +1Owls Head350
Dark red dyeOwls Head5008th December
Dark purple dyeOwls Head5509th December
Raw cotton x 48C Britanny40010th December
Epic cotton glovesOwls Head380
Dark red dyeOwls Head40012th December
Dagger +1Owls Head15013th December
Cotton cloth tunic +1 CB32517th December
Dragonbone ThroneCB500
Ardois Coleslaw 8CB35017th December
Venison StewCB10017th December
Epic cloth feetCB220
Cloth cotton tunicCB80
Cloth tunic +1Adoris99
Dark purple dyeAdoris550
Dark blue dyeAdoris500
Raw cotton x 50Silverhold300
Dark pink dye x 2 CB400
Dark blue dyeCB400
Dark Blue dyeCB500
Cotton epic cloth helmCB270
Cotton epic cloth leg armorCB320
Dark purple dyeCB7202nd Jan
Cotton Epic Cloth glovesCB110
Cotton Epic Cloth helmCB350
Planting potCB100
Recall scrollCB15011th Jan
Pine short bow +5CB75015th jan
Beetle Carapace 2CB800
Obsidian Potion RewardCB2400
Copper ore x 7 CB29016th Jan
Iron ore x 100CB3500
Animal hide x 9 CB290?
Wolf hatCB10018th Jan
Bear Hat 2AF150
Cotton epic glovesOH300
Cotton Augmented GlovesOH54020th jan
Cotton Augmented Boots550
Gold ore @42RES210021st jan
Silver ore 100RES5500
Bear hat+1 OH140
Maple x 6CB275
Gold ore @45RES55042757
Gold ore @45RES2750
Epic loth helmOH800
Epic Chest Armor +1OH1200
Gold ore @45RES800
Gold ore @45RES2000
Cotton Cloth leggingsRES180
Epic Cloth Leg armorRES900
Gold ore @38RES3800
Gold ore @3.8RES38
Silver ore @48RES2400
Gold ore @ 38RES3800
Silver @48RES240025th jan
Gold ore @40RES400
Gold ore @40370
Gold ore @40400
Recall scrollCB142
Maple wood @50CB500
Gold ore @40RES40026th Jan
Epic Cloth Chest Armor +2RES2400
Ring of Sorcery +6RES2400
Gold ore @40RES40
Copper ore @40RES400
Pick axe gold engraving +1CB90027th Jan
Silver @48RES4800
Cotton long kiltRES40027th Jan
Cotton Epic Cloth gloves +2 RES1120
Gold ore @38RES3800
Gold @40RES400028th Jan
Gold @40RES8000
Gold @40RES4000
Gold @38RES2660
Gold @40RES8000
Gold @38RES380
Gold @38RES7600
Pine Short bow +4CB900
Pine Long bow +4CB
Wolf hatRES90
Ring of Thaumaturgy +2CB1200
Ornate CLockwork wingsCB600
Wolf hat +1 CB130
Copper chainmail bootsRes42029th Janu
Iron ore @38RES3800
Cotton epic hlem +1OH350
Epic leather chest armorOH410
Epic leather leggingsOH510
Wolf Hat +2RES400
Gold Crowns @2200CB22000
Iron ore @38RES38030th Jan
Recall scrollRES145
Teleport scrollRES145
Silver ore @48RES1440
Silver ore @48RES1440
Iron ore @38RES380
Gold @40RES400
Iron @38RES38042766
Gold @10RES100
Copper rectangle shield of sorcery warding +3CB3500
Lot POT taxed village deedCB3000001st Feb
Silver ore @24RES2400
Silver ore @48RES2400
Silver ore @48RES480
Silver ore @48RES960
Silver ore @48RES480
Recall scrollRES145
Silver @48RES480
Gold ore @40RES240
Gold ore@40RES1680
Gold ore @38RES3802nd Feb
Silver @48RES4800
Harvesting axe Gold engravings +1RES9003rd Fec
Epic cloth armor leggings +1RES1000
Wolf Head @10RES100
Wolf Hat +5ECT500
Iron chainmail bootsRES150
Iron chainmail glovesRES190
Iron Longsword +2CB420
Cotton cloth helmRES90
Cotton cloth bootsRES70
Wolf hat+1RES250
Gold ore @40RES4000
Iron dagger +4CB400
Cotton Cloth leggingsRES2705th Feb
Cotton cloth tunicRES310
Copper ore @38RES380
Copper ore @38RES418
Gold ore @40RES4000
Gold ore@40RES8000
Gold ore@40RES4000
Teleport scrollRES154
Sooty Bark @125RES250
Teleport scrollRES145
Iron ore @38RES3800
Iron ore @38RES7600
Iron ore @38RES760
Iron ore @38RES380
Silver ore @50RES2500
Copper ore@38RES1520
Copper ore?@38RES1900
Epic Cloth Helm +2RES900
Epic Leather chest armorRES750
Cotton Augmented Cloth GlovesRES380
Cotton Epic cloth boots +2RES
Maple woor @55RES110
Iron ore @40RES4000
Iron chainmail gloves +1CB12007th Feb
Iron chainmail boots +1CB1350
Capacian Epid Cloth helm +1CB810
Silver ore @38RES4800
Cotton long kiltRES400
Iron ore@38ECT4000
Silver ore @50ECT
Potion of MightRES800
Silver Ore@48RES4800
Silver ore@48RES48008th Feb
Copper ore @35RES70
Iron ore @38RES1102
Iron ore @38RES3800
Gold @40RES4000
Gold @40RES2000
Gold @40RES4000
Gold @40RES2000
Gold @42RES8400
Gold @40RES4000
Silver @48RES4800
Obsidian Potion RewardRES2800
Silver ore @48RES4800
Recall scrollCB145
Copper ore @38ECT3800
Copper rectangle shield of sorcery warding +33100
Silver ore @52RES5200
Silver ore @48RES4800
Gold ore @42RES4200Feb 12th
Beetle Carapace x1RES450
Animal hide @100RES1000
Copper two handed swordRES2080
Maple wood @48RES960014th Feb
Iron shortswordCB500
Harvesting axe GERES900
Gold ore @44Etc4400
Gold ore @44Ect2728
Silver ore @50Etc250015th Feb
Iron chainmail glovesCB600
Iron chainmail boots +2CB2300
Tin @70RES427016th Feb
Silver ore @50 RES5000
iron ore @40RES400018th Feb
Potion of mightRES800
Recipe Potion of DeftnessRES3000
Epic cloth boots +1RES750
Iron Longsword of tempestry +1RES1800
Iron chainmanil chest armor Lunaism +3RES3600
Iron dagger +4CB11021st Feb
Wolf hat +3RES800
Epic Cloth Chest Armor +4RES4800
Cotton Epic cloth boots +2RES400
Cotton epic cloth glovesRES320
Coton epic cloth helmRES330
Leather boots +1RES260
Iron ore @40RES4000
Cotton cloth leggings +1RES650
Epic leather gloves +2RES820
Cotton cloth helm +2RES750
Iron ore @ 40Etceter40026th Feb
Iron ore @40Etceter1600
Cotton epic loth boots +1CB530
Wizards hat +1CB650
Epic cloth leg armor +!CB840
Epic cloth helm+1CB610
Fortified cloth boots+1CB610
Fortified cloth gloves+1CB1050
Cloth gloves +1CB530
Iron ore@40RES4000
Epic cloth leg armor +2CB1501st March
Carpacian Epic cloth helmCB11204th March
Epic cloth leg armor +2Et1200
Epic cloth gloves +2Et950
Cotton cloth glovesRES110
Apple pieRES30
Copper Ore @38RES38007th March
Copper Ore @38RES4000
Pine wood @55ECt50010th March

Britanny Alleys Vendors, Part One

Britanny Alleys

First video of Shroud of the Avatar, so expect it not to be as polished as others.

A run through the vendors of Britanny Alleys and what they have to offer.

Will look to doing voice or at least a bit of music for the next one.

Some Screenshots from the video.

Dara Brea Sansa

Player: Sansa
Location: Britanny Alleys


Player: Hobbstweedle
Location: Britanny Alleys

New Britannian Market, Rares Pledge houses, vendor

Player vendor owned by Boedy Arc

New Britannian MarketNew Britannian MarketNew Britannian Market

Aether Vibration Amplifier Console 25,000
Autumn Fairy Crown 7,500
Autumn Fairy Dress 7,500
Autumn Fairy Hands 5,000
Autumn Fairy Legs 7,500
Autumn Fairy Wings 9,500
Baron Benefactor (Village Home) 450,000
Benefactor’s Cloth Tunic 5,000
Citizen Benefactor (City Home)
Citizen Founder (Village Home) 50,000
City Stone 2-Story Basement 25,000
City Stone Arena Basement 100,000
Edelmann Founder (Village Home) 75,000
Edelmann Founder (Village Home) 100,000

Owls Head Prices, “what a nice piece of Maple Wood” 17th Jan

Items and prices correct at time of publication

Owls Head Player vendor prices

Beetle Carapace
Number for sale, 59
Total in gold, 29,333.00
Average price, 497.17

Maple Wood
Number for sale, 95
Total in gold, 3,650.00
Average price, 38.42

Silver ore
Number for sale, 400
Total in gold, 20000
Average price, 50.00
Owls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head pricesOwls head prices