Britanny Alleys Vendors, Part One

Britanny Alleys

First video of Shroud of the Avatar, so expect it not to be as polished as others.

A run through the vendors of Britanny Alleys and what they have to offer.

Will look to doing voice or at least a bit of music for the next one.

Some Screenshots from the video.

Dara Brea Sansa

Player: Sansa
Location: Britanny Alleys


Player: Hobbstweedle
Location: Britanny Alleys

New Britannian Market, Rares Pledge houses, vendor

Player vendor owned by Boedy Arc

New Britannian MarketNew Britannian MarketNew Britannian Market

Aether Vibration Amplifier Console 25,000
Autumn Fairy Crown 7,500
Autumn Fairy Dress 7,500
Autumn Fairy Hands 5,000
Autumn Fairy Legs 7,500
Autumn Fairy Wings 9,500
Baron Benefactor (Village Home) 450,000
Benefactor’s Cloth Tunic 5,000
Citizen Benefactor (City Home)
Citizen Founder (Village Home) 50,000
City Stone 2-Story Basement 25,000
City Stone Arena Basement 100,000
Edelmann Founder (Village Home) 75,000
Edelmann Founder (Village Home) 100,000