Stacking food buffs for strength in Shroud of the Avater

Different level food buffs can be stacked to increase effects. But only in different level foods.

For example, you can eat Bear and Potatoes and Bear stew and get the strength stacked for farming. But eating two Bear and Potatoes will not stack.

This is useful if you wish to bring up dexterity by eating a wolf dish, after a bear dish.

Here is a video where I explain how weight is affected and how it can be changed with food and other items.

Shroud of the avatar release date

The official release date for Shroud of the Avatar is not yet finalised.

The official website is estimating 2017, this from the FAQ

The estimated launch date is 2017. Please note, however, that all dates are estimates and subject to change due to the complexities of development.

As a player I would estimate between September and December, 2017. There are quite a few scenes to unclone. Although progress is being steadily made and the quality of the scenes is high.

Performance is still an issue, but this could dramatically improve as the game comes out of development mode and the error reporting is switched off.

The game balance in combat, economics and crafting is just about there, with few if any major changes still in the offing.

The game is certainly playable right now, but the performance issues can be a pain.

Let us hope for a most speedy release date.

A list of Guilds in Shroud of the Avatar

Joining a Shroud of the Avatar guild is one of the best ways for a player to level their character.

Lunar Dragons
Pax et Fortitudoeee
Disciples of Damnation
Templar Eternus
Wardens of the Dead
Sandillox Ent Guild (SEG)
Breath of Fire
Britannian Mining Company (BMC)​
Pax et Amor
Lux’s Rifthikers
Shadows of the Realm (SOR)
Every Virtue is Lasting (EVL)
Tower of High Sorcery
The Caverns Guild
Knights of New Britannia
The Old Timers Guild
The Bear Tavern
Thieves Guild
The Jade Empire Guilds
Moongate Travelers
The Crimson Cross
Omni Society
Lodge of Traders
House Serenite of Grunvald & Serenite Legion (PVP)
New Britannia News Network
Obsidian Legion
Organized Chaos

New recipes learned for SOTA, Glass, Head, Bust, Vase, Column

Glass sheet recipe

Gem fragment 24
Chunk of coal 1
Smelting tongs
Sheet mold

Large porcelain vase

Clay block 4
Smelting tongs

Man’s head on pedestal

Doric column pedestal 1
Copper ingot 3
Wax 5
Smelting tongs
Stone chisel

Woman’s head on pedestal

Doric column pedestal 1
Copper ingot 3
Wax 4
Smelting tongs
Stone chisel

Woman’s bust

Granite block 5
Wax 5
Smelting tongs
Stone chisel

Iron lantern

Chunk of coal 3
Iron ingot 3
Glass sheet 1
Smithing hammer

Doric column

Granite block 2
Smelting tongs
Stone chisel

Doric column pedestal

Granite block 5
Wax 3
Smelting tongs
Stone chisel

Glass Sheet

Gem fragment 25
Chunk of coal 1
Smelting tongs
Sheet mold