What are the best computer games?

Lets be honest here, the best computer games are the ones we love and play. So I will blog about the games I love and play as these are the best computer games to me. They may not to you, but hey, this is my blog and I have to get something out of this.


Currently I play:

Eve Online
Shroud of the Avatar (This is in Alpha state, do not play if you can’t handle the bugs, but it is superb)
Factorio (I just started a few days ago and already racked up 71 hours, very addictive, love it)
Elder Scrolls (only played a little, very polished, but megh, not sure yet)

I sometimes play or very recently did:

Victoria II
Ark Survival (Love this but had to stop as it was soaking up too much time)
Cities: Skylines ( I always want to call it, City Skylines)

Games I have not yet played but intend to:

Civilisation 6 ( I just know this will take over my life for the next three months, and so can wait till all the cool mods come out, plus it’s a hefty price tag)
Star Citizen

There are of course the games of the past that are the best, but we can leave those for another post. My first game was called Pong, so we have a lot of games to get through.

Best computer game

What are your “Best Computer Games”, would love to hear about them.